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Diana A. Hicks Books

The Crime Society Series Bundle - Paperbacks

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What is the Society??? The Society is a secret enclave comprised of the five original crime families. They have been around for over a century. With each generation, a new set of challenges arises.

The last king is dead. Now the new sitting Dons must do everything they can to abide by their code...Fac Fortia et Patere (Do Brave Deeds and Endure). These ruthless and wicked mafia kings are the peacekeepers, the protectors.

Here's what's included in the bundle (8 books):

  • King of Beasts Book One and Book Two - (Rex and Caterina) - New adult enemies to lovers, forced proximity romance
  • Big Bad Wolf Book One and Book Two - (Santino and Luce) - New adult enemies to lovers, captive romance
  • Fallen Raven Book One and Book Two - (Enzo and Aurora) - New adult star-crossed lovers, bully romance
  • Wicked Knight Book One and Book Two - (Luca and Donata) - New adult student Teacher, bully romance

What readers are saying:

"This book was so dark and wicked! Diana A. Hicks set up a greatstoryline for Caterina and Rex, and I am very excited to pick up the sequel and find out how their story ends." Readers' Favorite

"Diana A. Hicks has a dozen or so romances to her credit, and in this one she shows how adept she is at creating a steamy ambiance right from the beginning of the story. In this tale of thwarted desire, loss, betrayal, and family above all else, Hicks keeps readers on the edge of their seats and, at the end, looking forward to the next installment of the Beast Duet series." 
The BookLife Prize

"Incredible story complete with drama, manipulation, and Kinbaku!" - 
Kelly, Goodreads Reviewer

"This is a fast paced story which kept going and didn't let up." - 
Little Monster

"This is a well written story which is filled with drama, twists, family, obsession, duty, and is a steamy and all-consuming page turner, with complex character." - 
Wendy, Goodreads Reviewer

"Diana Hicks started this duet with a bang that continued to reverberate thru the entire storyline. That bang being a sensual sexy combustible chemistry between our leads. In other words, 
lust; pure unadulterated lust and that alone kept me glued page after page. We haven't yet made it to the romance but holy bananas, you know it's coming and when it does, something tells me it is going to be a force to be reckoned with." - OMG Reads

"This was one hot and sexy story filled with some drama and darkness that balanced it out nicely. Rex and Cat have amazing chemistry and even though they may not have started out on good terms, you can't deny their connection. I could not put this down and now can't wait for the next." - 
Mari Loves Books