Fallen Raven Duet Boxed Set - GoodReads Giveaway

Fallen Raven Duet Boxed Set - GoodReads Giveaway

Dear Readers,

I'm so excited to finally share Fallen Raven Duet boxed set. This next installment in The Society series features Enzo and Aurora. You met Enzo briefly in King of Beasts Duet and Big Bad Wolf Duet.

You don't need to read the previous duets to follow this new story. However, reading books one through four first will help you understand The Society world and conflicts a bit better.

The suggested reading order goes like this...

King of Beasts Duet - Rex and Caterina
Big Bad Wolf Duet - Santino and Luce
Fallen Raven Duet - Enzo and Aurora
Wicked Knight Duet - Luca and Donata

So now it's Enzo's turn to find love. Though for him, the road to happiness is going to be long and bumpy. Enzo and Aurora's star-crossed lovers story begins in high school, where they both learn that in a world of angels and demons, no one safe.

One last note: Fallen Raven is a 240k-word, star-crossed lovers romance in a high-school setting and contains explicit scenes. This modern day Romeo and Juliet retelling is about never letting go.

*This is not a YA novel. Reader discretion is advised.

This book features:
✔️ He falls first
✔️ Star-Crossed lovers
✔️ Angst, family feud
✔️ Forbidden love
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